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Then you deserve the same rebate I received.
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"How I did it"


You might want to contact (send us other good contact info):
Customer Service @ 1-800-255-3987
Vaughn Wendelstadt @ 1-310-xxx-xxxx
Mark Templin CEO @ 1-310-???-????


If you are disappointed in the Lexus Nav system or misled about it's abilites, you are not alone. Give 'em hell! Then take a moment to register with Lexus Override.

Although I received a rebate on the cost of the Nav package, every day is a reminder that many owners were not told the truth about the Nav system before they bought the vehicle. I will keep working to get our registered members a rebate -because you deserve it just as I did. In the meantime, it might be helpful if some of you follow the step-by-step description of 'how I did it'.


11/7/07 Lexus calls to explain that removing the override was a 'liability decision' made by 'legal'. But wait! Good news!! There will be a new and improved voice recognition system in the 2009 vehicles. If you own a 2007 or buy a 2008 vehicle? They are looking into it (but so far the message is 'maybe you should have bought an Acura, Audi, BMW, Mercedes, etc'). It seems Lexus doesn't understand how much this is hurting them....

10/17/07 There is hope! Toyota promotes Scion guru to head Lexus. Change in attitudes?

10/08/07 Update: Toyota user gets $95 ticket for stopping on I95 to use his Nav system.. See below.

10/08/07 Update: Lexus calls to say they are sorry I am unhappy, but they will not offer an override. Then they give me the number for the National Center for Dispute Settlement (NCDS). Humorously, I already went through NCDS back in January-April as instructed by Lexus, but then Lexus petitioned to have my case thrown out after three months of paperwork, etc. In the meantime, we continue to get traffic and sign-ups. Keep steering car buyers away from Lexus / Toyota until our cars are fixed and sign up to be informed of potential trade-in's or solutions to the Nav Overrride debacle!


If you want to help restore the Override, here's what you can do:
1. Sign up to be counted in favor of restoring the override function:
2. Call Consumer Reports 1-914-378-2740 if you agree Consumers would benefit from an article of the Override Controversy by Consumer Reports. Please be nice, CU is our friend that needs to know you think future buyers deserve to be informed of the Override controversy. (So far, CU considers this of insufficient importance to inform car buyers. Call and tell them it is important!
3. Place a review at Autosite , Edmunds, or Consumer Reports .
4. Tell your friends and neighbors how Lexus has ruined the driving experience. They may prefer an Acura, Audi, BMW, Infiniti or Mercedes

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Here are some of the comments we've received about the Override Controversy. To add your comments, sign up now. (Editor's notes follow some comments in Orange)

We purchased an RX400H with the intent of getting it fully loaded for all the toys. We traded in our BMW X5 and I must say what a mistake. The suv is fine but locking the NAV should have been explained. I asked the sales person if they fixed that NAV lock problem and he told me yes...they did....he lied and now I don't think I will ever buy a lexus again after this experience. If we pay top dollar for a shouldn't be restricted. (Ed: You, like a lot of owners were misled. That breech of trust will ruin a customer relationship forever. Unless there is some compensation, I suspect that many of you will never purchase another Lexus vehicle.)

I was not informed by the sales person while buying this SUV. It is a waste of investment coughing up $3000 and Lexus disables the functionality. Only options available while Driving: Police Hospital or Dealer. Where in the world would you think Going to a delaer is an "Emergency", what were the engineers at Lexus thinking. If I had known that it will not function the way it was supposed to be like in an Acura, I would not have purchased this vehicle at all. A $200 portable GPS with Bluetooth/MP3 player functions better than this "State of the Art" Navigation system I contacted Lexus and their answer was this is how it works, Bad bad customer service. Lexus is not on my list for the next vehicle that I would purchase. Since they are becoming #1 auto company they think the customer will not go to any other brand. Wrong, there are better brands out there which treat customers better. (Ed: I have had the same customer 'service' experience and it was infuriating. Lexus is headed for a long, slow dive if this is how they treat customers.)

I can control the radio, eat a cheeseburger, read a book, and it is all legal... but i cannot control my navigation - the voice is dangerous, not very well engineered, and causes my passenger to reach over and hit the voice button on the wheel... how safe is that ! Also, the sirius characters only brings like 12 characters, does not scroll, no memorization of favorite artists, etc... now that I think about it, i would NOT have bought this car... and will certainly inform others about the disaster !

I actually got a ticket from a cop on I95 in Maryland for pulling over to use my Nav system. He pulled up behind me when I stopped and put my flashers on. He walked over and asked me if I needed help. I explained that I was trying to put directions in my Nav system and had to pull over to do so. He informed me that he'd have to write me a ticket because I had pulled over on the highway and it wasn't an emergency!!!! It cost me $95 and 2 points on my license!!! TOYOTA! ARE YOU LISTENING!!! IT IS AGAINST THE LAW IN THE U.S. TO PULL OVER ON A HIGHWAY FOR A NON-EMERGENCY!!!! ARE YOU GOING TO REIMBURSE ME FOR MY TICKET??? The cop informed me that next time I should go to an exit and pull over off the exit or find a shop/gas station etc at the next exit. My question was, "what if I'm on a turnpike like the NJ turnpike or the PA turnpike where doing that would cost me $$?" His response was, its cheaper than a ticket. Screw you Toyota. I've owned 2 Prius and a Highlander Hybrid. I'm not buying another Toyota unless I find out this problem is fixed. And by the way, my lease is up in March of 2008. I'll be seeing the nearest Honda dealer...
(Ed: At least it was only a ticket and no vehicle or bodily injury from an accident trying to merge)

Good thing Lexus doesn't make Navigation for the Troops in Iraq....

....If Lexus wants to talk about dangerous situations, try merging back on to a 60+ mph highway from the shoulder because your passenger couldn't reconnect the Bluetooth phone system. Same goes for making Nav changes, I'm going to be killed when someone rear-ends my stopped vehicle on the side of the road because of this.....

I found the workaround for the Lexus navigation system restrictions. Its a very inexpensive fix. Its called a MAP. Unfortunately, I hear that in the 2009 models, Lexus is going to have the car only operate when no maps are in the vehicle. This would be a "safety feature".

"I guess the real issues is that Lexus thinks less of it's owners than the competition. Though Toyota build an amazing product, they should fire their North American staff for not being customer service oriented to their high end market...."

"Would definitely not have bought the 2008 RX 350 had I been aware of the limitation."

"Unbelievably stupid policy by what has historically been one of the world's great companies. "

" Interesting that Lexus refuses to comment or assist all of their owners with their common complaints. ... As someone said it is arrogance and that type of arrogance will show up in sales and lawsuits. ( Ed: I received a call August 2 from Lexus Headquarters telling me they were 'sorry' I was unhappy and no, they are not going to restore the override. The new Lexus model should be called 'the Hubris' )

"(I have an) '07 LS 460. Wife has an GX. Also looked at BMW and MB. Chose the Lexus thinking I would go for luxury and convenience. I know the iPod hookup was low tech but thought I could live with it. Probably going to trade for a MB CLS if Lexus doesnt respond. This is not the responsiveness I expected from this brand. "

"I would not have bought the car if I knew...that says it all. It is basically useless to have a navigation system if it cannot be used while driving. The voice command system on the LS 460 is not an acceptable alternative since it is so cumbersome and inaccurate. "

"I can't overemphasize how much it disappoints me that Lexus does not allow one to access Navigation, Hard Drive, and phone features while the vehicle is moving. Isn't it reasonable to assume that if someone is responsible enough to earn the money to purchase this vehicle that they are also responsible enough to utilize an on screen menu in a safe manner?! "

"I wouldnot even consider Lexus if I knew earlier. In fact, I do not recommend anyone purchase a Lexus of a Toyota as a result. "

"The current system without the ability of an override is both frustrating and dangerous. The voice prompt command system of the RX 400h 2007 nav system is as best marginal, not having the option of the passenger input to the system while driving can be a greater hazard than the ability to briefly make changes or input new data. This is my 4th Lexus and my last, I do not want an automobile which will try to think for me, my poor judgment is one thing, the vehicles is another which is not tolerable. " ( Folks, we are getting interest from some of the other manufacturers who want to turn loyal Lexus owners into loyal acura/audi/bmw/infiniti/mercedes owners. )

"Lexus has really disappointed me and YES the salesman lied, just like any sleazy car salesman does. The fact is that my car is aware when someone is in the passenger seat, so if the Lexus folks were not so arrogant, they would at least allow the nav and phone to work when someone is in the passenger seat. Also, the folks at Lexus could easily allow us to override with warning messages and legal disclaimers. The legal team at Lexus are weanies who deserve the management team at Lexus. How dare they act like they want to pamper us. I am not going to forget this arrogance when I buy my next luxury car in 2008. "

"The dealer did not disclose the limitation before the sale.My $200 portable navigation system doesn't stop me from using it while i am driving. It's my own responsibility to drive my car safely. Would not have bought the car if I knew...100%... "

" I'm ready to trade in my 2007 LS460L because Lexus cannot even provide the respect their customers deserved. I don't think Lexus would listen to their customers until a class-action suit is filed.. I was completely unaware of the limitation before trading in my S500 for this piece of sh*t! I will never again consider buying another Lexus. " (Ed: We are exploring other avenues. Class action suits may not be the best 'win-win' result we can obtain. )

"It is outrageous to think that it is safer to try and pull over than to have your passsenger use the navigation system. "

" We were looking at The Acura and Lexus and either car would have to have nav. If we knew the limitations of the Lexus we would have purchased the Acura. "

" I am a responsible adult and know when it is safe to use the nav system. Why can\'t Lexus have the overide activated when the passenger set is ocupied,the same switch that activates the airbag. I think that Lexus should let the person buying the car sign a waiver that frees Lexus of liabilty when operating nav system while driving. it really sucks when you are on the freeway doing 75 mph and have to stop and park in the emergency lane and type in the address or poi. I have heldup traffic several time because i am trying to input address while at a red light and the light turns green. I know someone will hack the system. " ( Ed: Hopefully before you are rear-ended at one of those lights. )

"When the system starts, it warns the user about possible dangers and the user has to press 'Agree'. This should be enough of the warning. It should be up to the driver (or passenger) to decide what is the safe use of the system. The limitations to the bluetooth phone system are even more annoying. Why can't I dial somebody from the phone book? Looking somebody in the phone book on the screen is only 1-2 extra buttons comparing to the "speed dial" (which requires 3-4 button pushes anyway). Using the buttons on the screen are far more safe then taking the phone out and dialing using the phone's keypad - which is what the user is forced to do. " (Ed: I agree- the phone interface is a user's nightmare, and the Voice Recognition (VR) reliably gets 9-out-of-10 digits right, which means I am always calling someone with a phone number very close to the person I actually want to talk to. Do you think that distracts me while driving?)

Dear Lexus Corporate:
Listen to us.

Your once loyal customers.