**NEW** Printable BusinessCards.
It's time for the local Auto Shows. This year, take some cards to the BMW, Audi, Acura and MB booths.
Our goal is to get them distributed at every show in North America. Take 5 minutes and help us.

Hi there.

We have some new, printable business cards that will help publicize our cause and help keep new car buyers from becoming victims of misinformation. This is what they look like:


Using this link , print up the page on business card paper (or any thick paper and just cut them).
Use 'page set-up' if necessary and select fit on page. Print them. If you want to talk, drop them off with Honda, Nissan, and the US automaker booths. Otherwise, have the kids do 'guerrilla drops' on dashboards, windshields and on booths. Make it a family affair!

We are asking for a few moments of your time to help us out. A good turnout at the Auto Shows can bring attention in a way that we cannot otherwise achieve. Let's show Lexus they should not mess with their customers! There are also cards available.

If you want to report back how things went, use this link. An Auto show report page is coming soon!

Thanks for helping!
The staff